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The Phoenix Binding Team

Hank Isbell, President & Owner

Hank’s 50 plus-year career has spanned all areas of pre- and post-print production, including pressroom, plant management, print sales, and binding. His background combines expertise in page design and layouts with the latest technology to finish and deliver prepared print products with maximum efficiency.

Len Isbell, Folding and Saddle-Stitch Lead

A true veteran of the bindery industry for over thirty-five years, Len is responsible for the folding and saddle-stitch departments.

Peggy Kelstrom, Binding Consultant

Peggy's duties include customer service, estimating, and human resources. She also serves as Index Tab Department Manager. Her background includes 5 years in print prepress and 18 years in mechanical binding.

Mary Rocha, Binding Consultant

Mary covers customer service, estimating, and drop shipments. Mary has spent 10 years in the binding industry.

Julie Lies, Production Manager

Julie provides full customer contact through all phases of production, from scheduling to samples to outgoing receipts. She has spent 23 years in the industry.