Phoenix Binding facilities

Customer Samples

Pack customer sample stock on top of load. Samples packed elsewhere in load cannot be isolated to our sample area for finishing.

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Production Requirements

At Phoenix Binding, we take many measures to expedite your project while minimalizing spoilage. In order to make sure your project gets completed in a timely and efficient manner, we ask that you take a momement to consider and provided us with the following items or information when shipping your order.

Delivery Receipt
Delivery receipts with press sheet counts or piece counts must accompany all materials shipped to Phoenix Binding.
Purchase Order
Complete order specifications, quoted price, and delivery instructions, if available, at initiation of job will expedite the order.
Press Sheets
  • Ruled-up sheets a must!
  • Two sheets of each press form with side guide and gripper indicated on one sheet
  • One folded dummy of each form if we are to furnish folding
Loose Sheets
Two complete, collated sets
Use folios (page numbers) whenever possible to insure proper collation.
Skid Packaging
  • Place one solid piece on top of the skid to keep materials clean and free of damage.
  • Do not let materials hang over skid.
  • Use sturdy, solid skids or pallets.
  • Brick layer or bundle with even-size lifts for best shipment.
  • Dock door clearance: 13'4"
  • Trailer maximum: No restrictions
  • Receiving hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.