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phoenix binding cased-in wire-o binding

Cased-in Wire-O® Binding

Cased-in Wire-O binding combines the usability and durability of Wire-O with the visual appeal of a wraparound cover, allowing printing on the spine. Front and back covers of the Wire-O base are replaced with thick, high-weight end sheets that are mounted to the case. Covers can be fully concealed or semi-concealed and accommodate screen printing, embossing, and foil stamping.


  • Four automatic binders
  • Punch hole ratio:
    • 3:1 One sheet to 9/16 inch
    • 2:1 5/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch wire
  • Binding edges: One inch to 20 inches
  • Book thickness: Up to one inch
  • Punch hole patterns: Round, square
  • Wire pre-formed from factory
  • Standard colors: Black, white, red, blue, gray, green, pewter, copper
  • PANTONE® PMS colors: Special order

Wire-O® is a registered trademark of James Burn International.PANTONE® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.